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Auruo/Reader – Okay, just as a note, I've seen it spelled as Auruo, Auroro, Oluo, Aurauo, so I'm just gonna go with the one which is easiest for me, which is “Auruo”. I've seen that in some episodes too, though I'm also seen Oluo. That's just more picky to type, in my opinion.

Anyhow, enjoy.

As you listened to the soft snores of Squad Levi that sounded all along the corridor, you found yourself troubled. The nightmare that had just transpired was enough to keep you alert and wary. Every creak frightened you; every intake of breath startled you; every snore did everything to remind you that you really weren't alone, even though, at this point, you wished you were. Shuddering, you shrunk further under the covers, trying to shelter your eyes from the monsters in the dark, a meek, quiet whimper emitting from your mouth.

Just across from you, Auruo rolled over and stared at you. Ever since joining the Survey Corps, there had been a shortage of rooms and you had had to share with somebody. Initially, the ideal person to share with was Petra (also being a female), but she was often flitting between rooms anyway, sometimes bunking with Hanji, while other days she simply slept wherever she sat down first, too exhausted to even move herself and so Levi, being the Captain, saw no use in allowing you to settle there. Auruo seemed to be the next choice, and the Corporal had entrusted you with him. You had separate beds (the room wasn't big, but it didn't have to be - the only thing you did in them was sleep anyway, and it was big enough for two beds, at least), but were rather close together regardless.

As he continued to stare, you blinked at him, the grey-haired solider only able to see your eyes and the top of your head. After a moment's silence, he narrowed his eyes the slightest bit and perked up.

"Why're you not asleep, brat?"

You sighed, but ignored his imitations. In fact, in the past few weeks, his copy-cat acts had reduced rapidly, as if he was keen on the idea of stopping all together. Old habits died hard though; you supposed you couldn't blame him for allowing his old ways to slip their way into his new, reforming ones on occasion. It must have been exhausting, trying to kill off the habit to begin with.

"I just can't..." you mumbled, loud enough to hear but no more so. You couldn't recognise his expression in the darkness (was that sympathy...?) but you heard him sigh outwardly in a rather irritated fashion.

" neither." Auruo admitted after a moment of stubborn silence. You only blinked. Why couldn't he? The poor man always looked stressed and exhausted, you doubted he'd be the kind of man to stay awake long after his head hit the pillow. When he became aware of your curious gaze, you swore you spotted his cheeks flare up briefly before he stood up, sock-clad feet thumping softly against the wooden floorboards.. You peered up at him, watching as he pulled the blanket back from you and sat on  the edge of your bed. You gulped, feeling the cool air in his bedroom hit your skin, your body only covered by a weak, flimsy night-gown. Auruo just sighed complacently, before slowly laying back against your mattress, leaving you to sit their awkwardly, a certain shyness coating your cheeks in a ghostly shade of red. What were you supposed to do, the man had just invited himself into your bed!

You weren't too disturbed... you'd known Auruo for a long time, it wasn't so scary.

“Are you going to sit there all night?”Auruo growled impatiently, meeting your eyes with a hesitant intensity. Your heart hammered, unable to miss the tension that was hanging thickly in the air. Slowly, you pushed yourself to lay back, your body beside his, not too much of a distance away from one another. A squeak of shock emitted from your throat as you felt the male soldier pull the blankets up you, far past your neck and over your head.

“A-Auruo?!” Your voice was slick with panic... as well as embarrassment and flustered pride. He was so close you could feel his body heat, though he didn't he make any move to touch you at all; you didn't know if that relieved you or made your heart sink. It was really quite true that you had a couple of stray feelings for Auruo, though you had done your best to simply push them to the back of your mind, not allowing them to affect you or your performance here in Levi's Squad. You couldn't let that happen... you wouldn't fall victim to a mere lack of concentration.

Boldly, without much thought, you brushed his hand, brushing it off as an accident when his eyes flitted to yours, staring hard. You couldn't tell what he was thinking... but you presumed it wasn't anything good with how hard he was staring.

How wrong you were.

“...we can talk under here, until we tire. It makes more sense than just lying around.” he spoke up finally. What didn't make sense to you, however, was that you had to be in the same bed to do so. This had your attention, as you spotted him sporting an uncharacteristically soft smile. his features smoothed down with a certain fondness you weren't sure you could describe. You smiled back, hoping yours was as gentle as his.

The night seemed so long as you whispered to one another. You discussed training, expeditions, families and what used to be your biggest dreams. Titans, Hanji's crazy experiments , past experiences, the Corporal and your personal lives. As you began to open up to him (even more so than you already had, you had told Auruo some things you had never told anybody else even before this moment, him reciprocating) you realised that he was a very deep and meaningful man, equipped with  sharp smarts and considerate words; he'd had so many experiences, ones you never imagined he'd have, and he was intrigued by your past too, eyes locked with yours in a passionate and mutual respect. You couldn't fathom how much you had missed this side of him, this patience, this loving aura that he kept hidden away from people on a regular basis.

Soon enough, your eyes began to droop, finally getting tired enough to fall asleep. You felt a strength around your waist and allowed your eyes to flutter open once more, looking at the grey-haired soldier curiously.

“Mm...?” Your voice was almost silent, too tired to voice anything further. You recoiled in shock as Auruo placed his lips on your forehead, kissing gently, whilst a bright red tickled at your cheeks like a feather-duster to an ornament: soft, yet gratifying.

“Tonight has...” he seemed to struggle for a moment, as if embarrassed to come clean about the thoughts currently going round in his head. “It's... been a pleasure.” he finished, looking away from you, though a soft smile was etched into his face, lips curved upwards into an inviting line. As he pulled you slightly closer via your waist (which you couldn't help but squeak at – he “scolded” you with a “tch”), he then added: “Just don't be coming in every night, brat.”

“Might I remind you that it was you who came in, not me?” you grinned wolfishly, satisfied with his drop in expression. He glared at you slightly, you shrugging in response, a sweet smile sweeping across your face as you looked at him intently. “It's true.” you smirked smoothly.

“Shut up, Cadet [Last].” Auruo sneered.

“Make me,” you retorted without really thinking. This was a joke... this was his way of playing with you. Most of the other soldiers found it irritating. You found it irritating, but endearing and funny and strangely charming; nobody else could have pulled it off. Only him. Only Auruo. It flattered you to know that his method of mocking you – however playfully – was unique. However, a cloudy look had entered his eyes and you tilted your head curiously to regard it, not sure you'd come across such an expression in all your time of knowing him. You didn't know whether to find it odd... or adorably appealing. He inched his head slightly closer to you, bumping his nose lightly against yours (intentionally, as if testing grounds), an inexplicable expression upon his face, not capricious or clarified.

“...Auruo...?” you mumbled, feeling your eyes droop to a half-lidded state against your better judgement. He remained silent, arm around your waist tightening, pulling you softly against him, your warmth melding with his dangerously. A soft surge of panic flowed through you. Was now the time to stop? Things were slowly spiralling somewhere new... you weren't sure if you wanted to explore it yet. The huge warmth shared between you sent odd tingles and sensual shivers down your back and an invigorating spark set off in your stomach as you paid attention to how rough and large his frame felt against yours. You felt tiny compared to him, and it was easy to tell that you were nervous.

“Tch, do you ever be quiet...?” That was all he said after a while of silence, before leaning forward and pressing a chaste kiss to your lips, silencing your upcoming retorts. Whatever had compelled him to do this, whatever force was powerful enough to make him want to do this... you found yourself thanking it, praising it, on your knees for it. Shyly, you tilted your head on a slight angle in order to accommodate a deeper exchange. He jumped at the opportunity, pressing slightly harder against your mouth with his, his fingers straying and stroking your back gently. This wasn't the Auruo you knew... but it was the Auruo you'd like to know. He had your keen interest, something setting him apart from everybody else – even when he was behaving like this, totally different.

Eventually pulling away, you opened your eyes to notice his cheeks were a dusty red. You smiled at him, reaching a hand up and touching his cheek with fleeting fingers, experimental and spontaneous, though cautious and uncertain. There was even a slight shake about your fingers as you did this. Why was this affect only coming along now...? The hot surface of his skin was charming to you; you giggled lightly at him as he turned even redder due to your soft touches and welcoming smile, averting his gaze stubbornly to the mattress below him.

For once, Auruo was out of words.

This was all because of you... he was experiencing an emotional storm, torn in two between his duties and his own desires. And it was all because of you.  His thoughts spiralled uselessly in his own head, never to be spoken of but to his conscience. And it was all because of you. All because he couldn't get his head around you, he couldn't crack you like he could the others; it was frustrating, but at the same time, rewarding and exciting. And it did nothing to stop him. In all honesty, if Auruo was straight up with himself, he had gotten over Petra a while ago, but held onto the shadow of a long-gone crush in order to cover his new-growing interest in you. It had worked, his squad-mates still continued to believe that you and Auruo were nothing but friends. Well, you were, weren't you...? Ugh, all this thinking was making his head hurt! Why did you have to make this so damn hard for him – and without even knowing you were doing it too!

“G-Goodnight.” Auruo heard and shifted his gaze to look at you once more, watching as you curled up into his chest and snuggled close to his body, hot and inviting, your feet curling against his cutely.

“Goodnight, [First]...” he whispered back, pressing a hesitant kiss to the top of your head and settling down to sleep, a pair of smiles etched into each of your faces, as if destined to be there.

And what a good night it was.
I apologise for his OOC-ness, I just wanted to do something fluffy because this guy is amazing and WAY too under-appreciated. So yeah, have some cutesy Auruo/reader stuff. LIKE IT. LOVE IT.

Let me know if you want more; I'm planning to write more Auruo/reader anyhow, but I'm thinking of taking requests.
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AnimeGeekKatie Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
sophisticatedcow Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
JUST SHOOT ME OK THIS WAS SO CUTE. I didn't even know how much I liked Auruo until I read this. 
I really enjoyed the writing here too. it was all pretty smooth. :)
Agent-Pumpkin Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, thank you! I'm super glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad you appreciate my writing; it was a bunch of fun to write, though I was nervous because this was my first attempt at writing something Auruo-based.

Thanks again!
Persian13 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
A Auruo story! YAY! I like him too and I'm happy to see some good reader-insert about him.
JAQ12 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
My heart is so full of feels....I'm going to explode from all the fluffiness XD
Yes, you should write more, you're a gifted writer!
milkandcookies1 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
ohmygodohmygod this was so fluffy I can't even- uGH THIS WAS SO CUTE 
Agent-Pumpkin Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm already in the process of it! Thanks for the comment, friend!
vvyn Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
my hero,,,,,

(whispers its auruobosssard/aurorabosssard from tumblr)
Agent-Pumpkin Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He's so beautiful, everybody's beautiful, there must be more Auruo/Reader crap. 

(*Whispers hello and waves like a maniac and then mutters that she likes your avatar a lot*)
RedSharkRocker18 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This was sweet! It's good to see some of the under-appreciated characters get some of the limelight. If you're taking requests, could I ask for an Armin x Reader? :3
Agent-Pumpkin Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for your comment, and yes, it is great to see under-appreciated characters get some lovely attention. X3

Sure, I can attempt something. I'll put it on my request list. Apologies for any kind of wait in advance, Im in an examination period right now... But the weekend is coming up, so yeah. :3
millypie360 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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I'll take it as you enjoyed it, haha. Thanks a lot! And thanks for the fave too! x3
millypie360 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
yes I did enjoy it!! it was awesome! Auruo is one of my faves~! and no need to thank me!
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